Recent Realizations

If there’s one big thing I realized recently, it is that things get easier with time. This learning is two-fold:

First, acceptance is the key.

Before we brought Yanni home I had it set in my mind that it was not going to be easy. But on our first night together, when she would rouse every 2-3 hours until the sun was brightly peeking through our bedroom window, I found myself in the wee hours of morning praying “No, this can’t be. This shouldn’t be.” A week went by, and then two, and somewhere in between I told myself, “if this is how it is, then so be it.” And now, almost seven weeks later, she sleeps for longer stretches and wakes only twice to feed at night.

Second, practice make perfect.

From changing nappies, bathing the baby, to feeding her, this rings true. Changing nappies used to be slow and frightening, now it’s easy and occurring less (thankfully:)).
Rey and I used to be so rattled when we give Yanni a bath, especially when she screams her lungs out, now we’re more relaxed and so is she.
There was a point when I was dreading the next moment Yanni gives a cry for hunger, because my nipples were so sore and I feared they couldn’t take anymore contact, but thanks to Medela Purelan (and the frequency of feeds, actually), it was all good eventually.
I have proven with these things (as with most things) that the more you do them, the more you get better at them.

At first I was frazzled by the amount of things to get done: baby care, house work, school work, office work, plus of course there’s time allotment for the husband, and for the rest of the family. But. Things get easier with time.
With God’s grace, a good support system, and a strong will, the floors will get swept, the dishes will get done, the laundry will get washed, the papers will be submitted, the deadlines will be met, the baby will fall into some sort of routine, and rest will sort itself out.

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