Simply December

December is usually frenzied and fun. It’s every Filipino’s favorite holiday. While there still was the usual flurry as the past weeks were peppered with parties, I can’t help but note how we kept it simple.

In school, we considered renting a beach house where we could hold our Faculty Christmas Party. We decided against it, choosing instead to have shirts printed as giveaways to the program we held at the school grounds. Simple, yet the presentations by each department, as well as the gifts they got, were much appreciated.



Mama’s birthday was on December 15, and in the past years she would prepare a grand feast for practically the entire barangay, but this year, we celebrated with a roasted baby pig courtesy of my brother, spaghetti ordered by my sister, and a small cake I bought before I headed home. The food was shared by no more than ten people.

Our annual Christmas Eve party at home, which used to be a gathering of three families, was quiet and low-key, participated only my siblings and our significant others, my nephew, and my cousin. Christmas Day was spent lounging around the house, watching Friends reruns and one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time: The Family Stone.

christmas 2017.jpg

We kept it simple, and part of the simplicity means having less. But as I realized right before I said grace for our Christmas dinner, there is still so much to be thankful for.

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