Halfway Through

Dear Little One,

Two nights ago, as I sat alone watching the final episode of You’re the Worst Season 2, I was hit by an overwhelming wave of emotions that compelled me to cry.

I wasn’t sad or anything. Sadness isn’t a feeling that frequents me these days, even when I’m all by myself. In fact, I think I was really, really happy.

I was struck by the thought that we’re halfway through this pregnancy. We’re halfway through something I had serious doubts happening, but my love, here we are. Here is a tiny, moving, kicking, somersaulting being inside me, and aren’t you just a huge miracle?

I sat in front of the TV, in tears, and once again just thanking God for bringing us here, in this moment laden with transition but also teeming with life.

In four months you will be breathing the same air we do. I tell your dad (with just a tinge of alarm) that I think time may be running short, considering we haven’t bought or prepared anything at home for you, but he digresses. He can hardly wait until you’re in his arms, and I find his impatience sweet.

So grow strong, Little One. Grow strong all the way through.



We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Here’s us at 21 weeks.

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