Five to Love


We’ve just passed the five-month mark for this pregnancy, and I thought it’d be nice to list down five things I’m loving at the moment:

1. Our new(ish) induction cooker. I don’t cook much since we moved back to the province three years ago because of several reasons: one, food gets cooked from the main house in our compound courtesy of my father, the gallant Sir Arnulfo; two, I see cooking as somewhat of a chore and I do it in Manila mainly to fulfill wifely duties; and three, Rey and I decided that keeping an electric stove in our home will jack up electricity consumption. But here comes induction technology which promises energy efficiency, so we’ve been meaning to buy an induction cooker. Incidentally, my dear friend Kuchie recently migrated to Canada (an event filled with tears, boo-hoo) and left with us hers. In the three consecutive weekends Rey was home, he had the house smelling of butter, garlic, and chili as he experimented with sauces and dips. Meanwhile, I’m thankful I have something to boil water with for my early morning baths. 🙂

2.The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I started reading this book last year when I found it in a warehouse book sale. I stopped halfway to read another book on my phone and I kinda just forgot about it, but I remember buying it precisely because I wanted to read it to my kid someday. I’ve been reading aloud a few pages every night since Baby’s 13th week, and I just love the insights from it! It contains voluminous vocabulary, interesting characters, and valuable life lessons that I’m sure I will make it a point to read this aloud again when the bubba is old enough to comprehend it.

3. Disney Playlist. As soon as I got hold of the information that the baby’s hearing was starting to develop, I was compelled to listen to musicals. In the office, I started playing Broadway songs, and then I came across a track from The Lion King, and that led me to download a bunch of Disney albums. Another rave-worthy piece of art, these Disney songs, especially the really great hits. They boast of awesome melodies and brilliant lyrics. Rey and I have a habit of singing along when I play it during the mornings he is home.

4. Button-Downs. Dressing up takes up a lot my preparation time for work. On days that I don’t wanna rattle my brain too much from thinking of what to wear, my go-to work outfit is this: a button-down, jeans, a thin belt, and wedges. So over the years, I have accumulated a significant number of all clothing items mentioned. The past weeks however, I can no longer squeeze my burgeoning belly inside my skinny jeans, and though I can still manage the wedges, a colleague or two will likely berate me. Thankfully, button-downs go well with leggings and flats, and not only are they super comfy, they’ve made dressing up in the morning easier. Also, I think the get-up is why some students still get surprised when they find out I’m pregnant. At 20 weeks! 🙂

5. Baby’s movements. I started feeling little movements last month, at sixteen weeks. They felt like butterfly wings, like little fingers flicking, like bubbles popping. It was extraordinary. At nineteen weeks the movements became bigger, like small waves, and during our 20-week ultrasound Rey and I finally saw how much the bubba is making waves inside! What a sight to behold, though Baby will keep us wondering whether to address it as a he or a she. I was on a high seeing shadows of fingers, feet, face, and body, and knowing all the tugs and twitches indicate that it’s growing strong and healthy. Go on, Little One, keep it up!

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One Response to Five to Love

  1. perfectapple says:

    Number 5! ❤ can't wait to see your pregnant tummy, ate! 🙂

    baby, don't shy! introduce yourself! don't surprise us. hehe. *wishing for a baby girl* 😀


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