Taking Stock


Making: a practicum plan for my online class, but coming up with merely headings.

Cooking: nothing. The last dish I remember making is buttered oysters, and that was about five months ago.

Reading: Alternating between Persuasion by Jane Austen and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie for the daily travel home; and The Phantom Tollbooth for nighttime read-alouds with the bubba.

Wanting: sour things! Oh, and pasta.

Looking: rounder, and I must admit I have to take some time to get used to it.

Playing: Gilmore Girls in the background every night to keep me entertained.

Wasting: time surfing the internet looking up random stuff when I should get on aforementioned school requirement.

Sewing: less. I used to sew a lot to make my clothes tighter, smaller, or shorter, but none of those apply these days. I have a feeling, though, that this weekend will find me with a needle and thread in hand.

Wishing: that Baby is growing strong and developing normally.

Enjoying: this second trimester—which is supposedly every pregnant lady’s favorite. It’s a time that I’m evidently pregnant but still light enough to move around.

Waiting: for our next ultrasound next month. (Can hardly wait!)

 Liking: the current length of my hair, and the fact that I seem to be having fewer breakouts.

 Wondering: what everyone else is wondering when they see me– if I’m carrying a boy or a girl. (Taking bets before October 8!)

Loving: this stage in my life. Still basking in the unexpected wonderfulness of it all.

Hoping: that my delivery will be as easy as my pregnancy.

Marveling: at the miracle of life and the things the bubba can reportedly do (according to babycenter.com and some such websites), and how intelligently designed the human body is, especially during pregnancy.

Needing: a gentle massage and stretching session

Wearing: more dresses, leggings, loose tops and flat shoes—not my usual style but the situation  calls for it.

Following: pregnancy/parenting/lifestyle bloggers and photographers

Noticing: that my belly button is pushing out!

Knowing: nothing for certain; we haven’t figured a lot of things out yet, but if Rey’s desire to learn and experience first-hand everything about caring for our child is any indication of what kind of father he will be, then I am more than sure that we’ll be just fine.

Thinking: about baby names.

Feeling: loved, and so, so full (literally and figuratively. :))

Bookmarking: all sorts of pregnancy and baby things on Pinterest.

*blog post inspired by one of my favorite bloggers: theartinlife.wordpress.com and photo is courtesy of one of my favorite digital artists on facebook: Rose Hill Designs.

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